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Unknown football team - Lydney Town?.

Henry James

Row 3 (all those at back left to right): 1 , 2 Norman Thomas , 3 Henry James, 4 ,5 Stan (aka Mike) Walker, 6, 7, 8, 9 , 10.
Row 2: (players only) 1 Fred Hopes, 2 John James (of Bream), 3 Chris Murphy.
Row 1: 1 , 2 Jack Kneath, 3, 4 Tom Wiltshire.

Gordon wrote (August 2008): "My father Henry James I believe played football for Lydney at one time probably during the war but I am not sure. I do recall seeing him playing as a goalie at a match in Bream around 1943/44, however he did say to me some time ago that he played for Lydney".
"He ultimately became a referee and recently my sister sent me a photo of him at a match that he had refereed with the linesmen. The team have vertical striped shirts but photo is not in colour. I would think it was taken in the late 40's".
"The problem I have is he continued playing as a ref when we removed to London in 1950 so I am not sure if the picture was taken in London or in Lydney. He died in 1997 aged 92 so I can't ask the question".

Henry James is third from the left in the back row.

Can anyone help?

Thanks to H J warren who added (August 2008): "Has to be Lydney Town as Fred Hopes is pictured and as far as I know Lydney was his only club
Also Chris Murphy who left Woolaston AFC to play for Lydney in the late 1940s. Jack Kneath ? and Tony George? are possibles too".

Thanks to Bev Nash who added (August 2008): "... I beleive that is Stan Walker, known to me a Mike Walker, and I worked with him for British Telecom into the 1980's".

Thanks also to Peter Richards, James Remnant and H J Warren.

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