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A Dursley wedding.

Gloucester wedding

(This photo is probably not related to the Forest of Dean)

Sally added "... I lost my dad a couple of years ago and whilst perusing through one of his photo albums, I came across a black and white family photo. All I know about this photo is my mum and dad are in the far left-back row (the baby is me). The wedding probably took place in Dursley, Gloucestershire.
Would it be possible to upload the image onto your website, in the hope that somebody might be able to supply names of the couple/people in this photo? Any information would be greatly appreciated. This might also help me in my quest to find more family members in my family tree".

Sally further added (July 2012): "... The groom is called Thomas Gene Clarke. The bride is Sheila - unsure of her maiden name. The marriage took place in Gloucester in 1965/6. The gentleman in the first row left-hand corner holding the baby is Dennis Batchelor. The lady stood by the side of Dennis is his wife Betty Batchelor nee Clarke. The girl in the second row far left-hand side is Dennis and Betty's daughter .... . The young man in the third row far right-hand side is ... , Dennis and Betty's son. In the second row the gentleman third from the left is Thomas Clarke. Also in the second row the lady stood to the left of Thomas is Thomas wife Rosa Edith or Edith Rosa Clarke nee Witts".

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