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A button found in a garden in Newland St. Coleford


Can anyone help identify this button found in a garden in Newland Street, Coleford?.

On the reverse, around the crimped lip, is stamped - I & P Pears & Co London

We have a suggestion that it "... looks like a Gloucestershire Constabulary button from the reign of Queen Victoria".

Thanks to Lynne Morris for adding "... could be a post office worker's button".

Marj Rees added (Sep 2012): "... I agree with Lynne Morris. I had similar type of button on my first GPO uniform jackets - except mine were plastic and had ER not G. Uniform design or the way GPO worked did'nt change until we became Royal Mail".

PBHJ added (June 2012): "... Your button may be from I B Pearse Co London rather than I P Pears. See for example this site . More info here The I is a Latinised J, the firm was John Brice Pearse. I do'nt know when they started but they were Nicholas Pearse & Son in 1790, J N B Pearse by 1805, John Brice Pearse by 1817 and became J B Pearse Co. about 1839 under which name they remained until 1924 when they became part of Compton Sons Webb".

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