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A family in the woods.

A fanily in the woods

An unknown group in the Forest of Dean woodland.

This card was postedby "W S" in Coleford in 1922 to Miss Woodman of Gorseinon near Swansea. Like the Forest, Gorseinon had coal mines and tinplate works ( source: Wikipedia)

Does anyone recognise an ancestor?.

Joan Rosina Pritchard added: "... the 6th person from left is John Vaughan. He was my grandfather. He was a police officer in the Metropolitan police in London. The lady sitting on the bench 2nd right is his wife Alice Rosina Vaughan. She is holding a baby who was my father Douglas Lloyd Vaughan. The lady sitting in front of table with hands crossed on knee is John Vaughan's mother, my great grandmother, but I do'nt know her name . I do know that she was married to my great grandfather whose name was also John Vaughan. He was a Crown Woodman in the Forest of Dean. I do not think he is in the photo. I think some of the other people in the photo are of the Vaughan family but can't put names to them. I do know that Alice Rosina's maiden name was Billinghurst. If anyone has any other information on these people could you let me know".
"... some more information about John and his family this being the lady in the photo with her hands crossed on her lap was his wife Elizabeth Dorcas (nee Hale).They had 7 children John Vaughan my Grandfather who was also a labourer woodman until he joined the Metropolitan Police..Joseph Vaughan labourer woodman..Timothy Vaughan..Walter Otto Vaughan..Dorcas Vaughan and Colonal Vaughan and Grantly Vaughan .I also found out they lived at Sallow Valletts lodge and The Pludds".

Clare Wilks added (November 2010): "... My father-in-law Harold Wilks was most interested in this photograph. He recognised himself as the young fair haired boy sitting on the bench to the right of the lady with her hands crossed on her knee. He cannot remember her name either but she was the wife of his Great Uncle John Vaughan. Harold remembers how his Great Uncle John used the horse trap pictured to transport the family from Coleford to the Forest for picnics. There are various members of Harolds family in the photograph the names of which he recalls as follows:

From left 1 Mrs Salter the tailor's wife, 2 Sidney Jones, 3 lady not known, 4 male not known, friend of Jones family, 5 John Vaughan 6 Clarice Jones, 7 John Vaughan, 8 Ellen Wilks, 9 name not known, 10 Mr Salter, the tailor, 11 Mwfanny Jones ( Fanny Matilda Jones, nee VAUGHAN (1868-1958)), 12 Alice Vaughan holding baby Douglas Vaughan, 13 Eunice Jones.
The two boys at the front: left Ronald Wilks right Harold Wilks.

Harold's father, Police Sergeant George Wilks married Ellen Jones pictured above and had four boys Ronald, Harold, Vernon and Keith. Harold's grandfather Frederick N Jones married Mwfanny Vaughan a cousin of his Great Uncle John Vaughan. F N. Jones was a photographer and Harold thinks he may have taken the group photograph. Harold aged 94 and his wife Betty nee Morris have recently celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary. If Joan Pritchard would like any further information please feel free to contact me".

Vaughan family

Joan further added: "Just thought I would add this photo as it shows my grandfather John Vaughan (top left ) and his wife my grandmother Alice Rosina with their child Douglas Lloyd Vaughan (my father). These peolpe are all in the original photo (above)".

Nigel Miller added (April 2014): "... A 1940 newspaper cutting from my mother's scrapbooks makes reference to a) 5 generations of Timothy Vaughan - Mrs F N Jones (Fanny Matilda Vaughan) - Mrs G Wilks (Ellen Jones) - Mr Ron Wilks - and his baby daughter Margaret; and on another branch of the family, Timothy Vaughan - Mrs W H Adams (Kate Elizabeth Vaughan) - Mrs T Lee (Daisy Maud Adams) and my mother, Dorothy Lee. ... So, in Clare's list, number 11 is Fanny Matilda Jones, nee VAUGHAN (1868-1958). Also, (Great Uncle) John Vaughan's wife is Elizabeth Dorcas, nee HALE (1861-1943). I would be happy to compare notes with Joan and Clare on our respective family trees!".

Peter Wilks added (Aproil 2017): "... I was very interested to find this photo. I can trace my family back to John Wilks of Coleford who was father to George Caleb Wilks a Stonemason who married Annie Osborne in 1906. Annie Wilks nee Osborne died in 1952 age 75 and was the mother of my father Harold George Wilks who died in 1966. I have a small ivory photo frame with a picture of Annie Wilks plus very old pictures of her father and mother that were hidden inside. Annie Wilks looks very similar to the lady third from the left in your postcard with the central parting, and i'm interested to know if there might be any connection. I would be happy to email the photos".

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