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1:10 Scale model of the Marconi Memorial.

Scale model of the Marconi Monument

The Marconi Memorial built by Italian P.O.W.s at Wynols Hill was completed on Christmas day 1944.

The model was commissioned by Laura who lives in Rome.

Laura wrote: "Here it is, completed at last!!!! We made it! This is the 'virtual inauguration' (but there will also be an official one) of a 1 to 10 scale model of the Monument dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi. It was important for me to respect this date".

"On Christmas day of 1944, exactly 70 years ago, the Italian flag was hoisted on that pennon: it waved in Camp 61 in the middle of the barracks of the prisoners of war. A long applause, springing from emotion and wonder, accompanied the inauguration of the stately monument dedicated to the Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi.I can imagine how proud my father was at that moment, since he had been the designer and construction manager of the monument".

"It was not an easy task to extract all the data needed for the construction of the model from an old picture of the monument, respecting as far as possible its original structure. But my husband, who is a most scrupulous person, threw his whole soul into it when he did the work. Maybe the colors of the model are not exactly like the original ones; but I have never really known what they were like, as my father had never talked about this story at home. Through the research I have done in the past nine years I have tried to reconstruct bits of my father’s life during war and imprisonment . I have contacted some family members of the prisoners who had been with him in Camp 61 at Wynolls Hill. I have been to England twice, found out so much information and experienced so many emotions. It is almost incredible how many things my father did in that period! I have written a book on his story".

He felt that it was right and proper for him to fight for his country in order to give his children a better future. But, after all the great ideals, the moment of disenchantment arrived when he was taken prisoner. And he tried to find other - more noble - values, like faith and work. Guglielmo Marconi used to be, and still is, a messenger of union among peoples. Maybe, the fact that the Italian prisoners of war in England, in Camp 61, constructed a monument in his honor has further strengthened his message. I do hope that the right moral value will be attached to this wooden model, intended to commemorate such an event, and that it will be kept in a suitable place where it can remind also the new generations of a minor but meaningful episode of our history".

The model measures width.120cm and height 100cm.

details of the memorial

Details from the model.

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