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Model is the prototype of the Marconi Memorial, scale 1/33.

model of Marconi Monument

Laura added "... This model is the prototype of the Marconi Memorial, scale 1/33. A final model, scale 1/10, is under construction. Anyone with photos or information of the Pow Italian and field 61 is requested to communicate. With the final model and the supporting documents will set up an 'Angle of memory, of this fact. Laura".

With original photos of the monument, in my possession, I can not understand the execution of the details of that work. Before finishing the final model in the works, I wonder if anyone can give me these answers with respect to the model of the photo:

  • The basic colors as they were? Perhaps the gray was more clear?
  • The Italian flag on the flagpole, did it show the arms of Savoy king or not?
  • The shields of the columns do they correspond to the originals?
  • The two amphorae were they concrete or metal?
  • Finally, can someone tell me what was written on the tape twisted the laurel wreath?

Please get in touch if you can add to the information re. the Marconi Monument on these web pages.

Also Enzo Martini added recently: "I am very sorry to disturb you once again. I hope you remeber my previus requirement about the detention period of my father MARTINI Armando, who worked on farms near the camp 61 from June 1944 and July 1946. Days ago, I received following information. 'In 1943 from the camp.61 depended two hostels, Llanlowdy (probably LLancloudy - Herefordshire) and Nowent (probably Newent), both managed by the Ministry of Agriculture (NA, WO 199/407, "Prisoners of War Camps and Hostels', nd [1943].)" "In May 1944, the camp 61 wasn't cooperator, but one of its two hostels was cooperator (NA, AVIA 22/1183, "Division between Co-operators and not co-operators Camps and Hostels, May 15, 1944)." Can you help me to know further information about two hostels?".

Also does anyone know which local farms the Italian POW's worked on?.

Both of these ladies are descendents of Italian POWS held at Wynols Hill and both would appreciate any new info on the POW's.

Please send in what you know and it will be passed on.

John Meek added: "... My father Leslie Thomas Meek was a driver for the Red and White bus company at the garage in High Street Cinderford. During the war he drove prisoners to farms from their camps in Red White buses. Personally I am unable to give you any further information but the Red White co. must still have records of these journeys. This information is all I can give you as I was only 10 years old at the time".

Royston Pritchard added: "... I have no recollection of Red & White buses being used to transport POW's from Wynols Hill camp. During the war they were transported in canvas topped army lorries with two armed guards sat at the back with them. After the war the same lorries were used but using civillian drivers, it was called The War Ag. I had an uncle who drove for them (Jack Rawlings). I remember in the 1947 snow, with these high 4wheel drive lorries, they colected the flour and yeast from Lydney station and distributed it to the village bakers around the area. At this time in our area - it was Bristol Tramways in Coleford, Red & White was at Cinderford & Lydney".

John Edwards added: "... In the book 'Red & White Services 1919-1949',under 'The War Years' is the statement (Page78) 'Another complication was the conveyance of Prisoners of War. Many thousands of Germans and Italians were regularly transported by Red & White to & from various camps, farms & sites'".

Ian Riddell added (May 2013): "... There is more information on Prisoner of War Camps in The Forest of Dean from page 118 onwards from this web page". (... this reports does contain some errors - Ed.)

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