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Evans Ices at Coalway

Evans Ices giving away ice cream to children

David wrote: "... Some time back I sent you a picture of my father giving away free ice cream at Coalway in the 1950’s. This one is better as there are more people facing the camera, Snowy Powell and Billy Hook included! More people might be recognisable. I recognise several of the faces but can’t put names to them. It is also interesting that there are more girls in this photo than the previous one. The photo was taken by Gerald Smith who had a photography business in Gloucester Road, Coleford. It was taken in a corner of the Coalway Football and Cricket field where there were swings, a roundabout and a “six seater”. None of this equipment is there any more, I was there some years ago and they have been replaced by much safer but less exciting equipment. The local kids used to climb all over the equipment in ways that were not intended and jump off the six-seater when it got up to the “bumps”. I don’t remember anyone being hurt but it was dangerous. I believe that we learned how to deal with dangerous situations Billy Hook’s father Doug was a player in the Coalway cricket team. My father told me that he should have been selected for the County side but I don’t think he ever was. I don’t think the striped ties are Dixton House uniform. I think they were an item that was popular at the time and available in Coleford, I think the shop was Trotters...".

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