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Barnhill, stone quarry near Broadwell, Gloucestershire.

A photo of the cranes at Barnhill quarry near Broadwell

Extracted blocks of stone are stacked to the left of the crane. The drill hiles can be made out on the side of the block.

A photo of stone in Barnill quarry

Another block of stone is prepared for lifting.

Lifting a block of stone in Barnhill quarry

The block being raised by the crane.

Bob Smith added: "... Not 100% sure of the orientation but I think the crane in the first picture is the 'lower' one in the 'middle' quarry with the horrible 'water' quarr hidden in the foliage behind it ?... If so, I was asked to price for the dismantling of this crane around the early 1990s after it had been out of use for some years. The job had been lowered onto the floor immediately behind it. I didn't get the job and the crane was cut by someone else. There are or were however some substantial parts of it down on the floor in the quarry such as a couple of big cog gears and a shaft etc. I don;t know why who ever did cut the crane left some good heavy choice bits behind though !".

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