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The Marconi Memorial, Wynols Hill, Coalway.

Marconi Memorial Wynols Hill, Coalway

Italian P.O.W.s at the Marconi Memorial, Wynolls Hill

The photos were sent by Laura Porciani the daughter of one of the Italian P.O.Ws at Wynols Hill. The photo was taken inside the camp in front of the Marconi Memorial. The Memorial was designed and built by the P.O.W.s using whatever material they could acquire.

Bottom Photo:
Row 2: (all standing) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Bruno Porciani, 7, 8.
Row 1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Laura wrote (Feb 2008):

"I am interested in hearing any news or information about PoW camp 61 at Wynol's Hill and anyone involved with it".
"My father Sgt Mjr (also translated as First Sergeant) Bruno Porciani, was imprisoned there from 1942 to 1946. He was Camp Deputy Chief and designed, and supervised the work on the G. Marconi monument, on a little church and on the set up of a small theatre inside the prison camp. (see attachments: my father is the third from the right, standing in the second row of the builders)

"I'm interested in the second photo in Terry's letter of August 2007. When was the photo taken? Do the Globes and Doves still exist"?
"Thanks for your cooperation".
Signed: Laura Porciani

"Sono interessata a conoscere persone, notizie e cose relative al Campo Pow N°61 a Wynol's Hill. Mio padre, Bruno Porciani, Serg. Magg. internato dal 1942 al 1946, Vice Capo Campo, è stato il disegnatore e direttore dei lavori del monumento a G. Marconi, di una Chiesetta e dell'allestimento di un piccolo teatro all'interno del campo. (Vedi allegati: mio padre è il terzo da destra, in piedi nella seconda fila dei Costruttori del Monumento).
Sono interessata alla Foto N°2 della lettera di Terry Halford dell'Agosto 2007. Quando è stata scattata?. Esistono ancora i Globi e le Colombe?
Grazie per la collaborazione e complimenti. Laura Porciani"

Thanks also to Denise Tootal, Graham Turner and Terry Halford.

This came in in May 2008: "Sono Laura Porciani vorrei sapere se il cap. magg. era nel campo 61 a Wynolls hill nel dicembre 1944. sè conosce il monumento dedicato a Guglielomo Marconi".
Translation kindly arranged by Graham Turner with Piero from Palermo: "I am Laura Poricini, I would like to know if the major general was at camp 61, Wynolls Hill in December 1944. If he knows the monument dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi."

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