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Wynols Hill P.O.W. camp - artefacts

Wynols Hill artefacts

Wynols Hill artefacts

These are artefacts from the Wynols Hill P.O.W. Camp. A model boat made by one of the prisoners and a toilet door sign.
Terry added: "... this (item to the right) does n't look too much but this is a piece of wood from hut 15 Wynolls Hill POW camp. I had this on the weekend from a lady in the area. The door was originally in good condition when it was aquired in the mid 1970s and put on her husband's shed. He took the shed down and this peice had come adrift, so he broke it off and put it in the house where it stayed for years, ... it's ... a nice peice of local history".

Mary Jo Mills added (Oct 2008): "The house belonged to my great grandfather Amos Brown prior to being taken over as a POW camp.  It was left in such a state that it was unusable after the war".

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