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Wynols Hill Camp, 1945

Wynolls Hill 1945

Terry wrote: "... Enclosed is a photo of camp 61 Wynols Hill taken on 25th September 1945. It shows just how big this camp was. The 35 barracks were for the prisoners and it shows a good overall view of the camp including the perimeter fence. The 6 barracks outside the camp were used by the 129th Forestry Company Royal Engineers who worked in the area felling trees for the war effort".

Graham Page added (December 2010): "... I lived in the Wynol's Hill Pow camp while working for Carters "Ribena" works in Coleford in 1957 - 58. At that time the camp was in almost pristine condition with all the buildings intact plus the barbed wire outer fencing - in fact it looked as though the prisoners had just left. All of the communal bath facility's were still in working condition and also the camp theatre /church, complete with painted windows to simulate stained glass. The Marconi monument was also fully intact with the central tower accesable thorough a door at the base, and no evidence of any damage to the surface detail.
The sleeping accommodation was equivalent to a British army barracks hut and housed a similar number of men. The student work force comprised of students from all over the country plus a lot of students from commonwealth countries too. We worked twelve hour shifts including night shifts and the work was pretty hard, depending on the area you were assigned to. But making twenty pounds a week back in the fifties was a fortune to us"

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