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World War 2 items connected with the Forest of Dean

WWII items

Dog Tag

Terry wrote: "... please find enclosed some pics of recently found wartime items in the area. They all came from the same place so possibly belonged to the same person ... its very unusual to find an identity or dog tag but the one in the photo has been found and traced. It belonged to Charley H White from Sunflower, Mississippi. He enlisted in January 1943 and was assigned to the 596th Ordnance Ammunition Company. They left their camp at Fort McClellan for Newport News on 10th August 1943. On the 5th September 1943 they boarded the USS General Pope John. On the 13th September they arrived in Scotland. They travelled by train overnight to Cinderford. There they jumped onto trucks of the 27th Quartermaster Truck Company bound for Lydbrook where they were billited in a camp at Lower Lydbrook. Their camp was near the Anchor public house. Some men were accomodated in the basement of the church. The officers were put into a cottage at Upper Lydbrook. On December 14th the unit moved to the camp at Broadwell - behind the current council re-cycling centre near Coleford. On 29th May 1944 they left Broadwell for Gt. Bourts Enclosure where they were under canvas. On July the 14th 1944 they moved back to Broadwell and on 21st July 1944 they left Lydney railway station for Southampton. On the 23rd they sailed out of Southampton and arrived at UTAH beach France on the 24th July. They moved through France for 4 days ending up supplying ammunition for the Ardennes offensive or 'Battle of the Bulge' in December 1944"

"The other items above include various uniform badges a glove the bottom of a mess tin and a U.S. Army marked toothbrush. It's nice to find personnel items. Mr White was one of the many black GI's in the area at the time".

Malcolm Finch added (June 2018): "... The cottage at upper Lydbrook that the officers moved into was I believe the one just above the fire station/ band hut. After the war Byrum Watkins moved into it whether he bought it or rented I do not know, at that time I was 10 years old and used to help weighing up the vegetable etc and when he moved I helped him. From the above info: someone has done a lot of research Well done".

Thanks to Si Lanti for poining out a 'typo' which is now corrected.

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