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Speech House Road during WWII

Speech House Road in WWII

Terry wrote (July 2007): "The photo of the trucks was taken at Speech House Road Station near Cannop. There are two trucks, although at first glance it looks like one big truck. Being unloaded are 1 ton containers. These contained Lewisite gas. One truck would carry two of these up the hill to the Speech House Hotel and then into the woods where they were stacked up on concrete lintels to keep the damp out. The date of this photo is May 1943. The unit involved was the 355th Chemical Depot. They were stationed in Cinderford at the camp which is now the rugby field (Dockham Road). The other photos are items found near the old Nissen Hut bases, close to the old Lincoln Lodge. They are coffee powder sachets and a sachet of orange juice- just add water!".

David Morris added (December 2010) "... The building top left is the Cannop railway station the platform and main line can be seen at the top and bottom of the fence. Looking at the man stepping onto the back of the truck the siding platform can be seen behind his lower legs. To the left and at the end of this short line was a wooden shed used for storage. The platform joined Speech House Road opposite the station masters house. Further to the left, about 50 mtrs closer to the level crossing and adjacent to the rail line opposite was a two storey brick signal box containing levers to change the various points for shunting. Between the wooden shed and the river Lyd was a small Nissan hut - I assume housing the army yard master. This siding was used to assemble goods trains products from the charcoal factory and timber and coal."


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