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Pisgah Chapel Coalway


Janet wrote (June 2008): "This is a photo that I have recently found. It was taken at Pisgah Chapel Coalway in the early 1950s . The Event was the Chapel Bazaar".
Back Row: 1 Mrs Waltham, 2 Pat Teague, 3 Joyce Baker, 4 Nedina Tingle, 5 Mr Wilce, 6 Reverend Walter Green , 7 Mrs Shallcross, 8 Mrs Taylor.
Front Row: 1 Gordon Baker, 2 Janet Hinton, 3 Mrs Wintle, 4 Jean Baker,5 Betty Baker, 6 Stella Taylor, 7 Ann Taylor.

Does anyone know why it was called Pisgah chapel?

Thanks to David Turner who added (June 2008): "Pisgah is the name of a mountain in Israel (also known as Nebo) from where God showed Moses the Promised Land after the exodus from Egypt. See Deuteronomy chapter 3. It is also referred to in the book of Numbers 23 as a place of sacrifice. Go on - blow the dust off the Bible and have a look!".

David Waltham added (May 2012): "... no 6 Rev Walter Green - Rev Green was small roly-poly man. He was very well liked. He had a wife and three or four children. They lived at the Manse in Mile End. He was minister in the early 1950''s. I am David Waltham youngest son of Mrs Waltham".

Sylvia Fitzwilliam added (April 2014): "... Mrs. Wintle in the photo of Pisgah chapel in the 1950's, is my Step Great Grandmother who was the 2nd wife of John Wintle of Yew Tree Cottage (now renamed) opposite the Chapel. John & Carrie were married in April 1923. Her full name was Caroline (Nee Blanch of Broadwell Farm) she died at the age of 91 in 1960. She was very small compared with our Grandmother Amelia (Big Granny) who also lived at Yew Tree Cottage with John junior my Grandfather. I was evacuated from Harrow Middx with my brother in WW11 to Yew Tree Cottage for a while and started school at Broadwell infants school in 1944".

Thanks also to David Waltham, Royston Pritchard and Mike "Knuckle" Burns..

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