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Wynols Hill, POW Huts

POW Huts

Kim wrote: "... Pictue 1 (top) My sister Lisa Powles at the back fence, in the background are what remained of the POW huts at that time and to the left of the picture you can just make out the left wing of the Marconi Monument which was still standing at that time which was about 1972 - 3. Picture 2 (bottom). My brother Gary Powles holding myself ( Kim Powles ) in his arms, in the background is the Water tower and some of the POW huts still existing at that time which was 1960 - 61".

Kim added: "... in the bottom picture, the hut in the background is actually the first in a row of about 10 POW huts that were the last ones standing at that time and were being utilised by Carter's as they were then (now Glaxo Smithkline and Beecham's prior to that) as living quarters for the many students that came from all over the country to work the blackcurrant season for them. Wynols Hill house was at the other end of Queensway, the house roof you see is the spar shop on the Coalway road which is still there to this day. I remember playing on the ruins of Wynols Hill house as a child and in the orchard along side it which housed a good selection of plums and greengages".

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