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Evans Ices and Coalway children

Evans ice cream van

David wrote: "... I am attaching an old photo of my father's ice cream van which was well known in the Forest in the 1950's. He made his own ice cream at our shop which is next to the Eskimo supermarket (Eskimarket) in Coalway (though of course it is no longer a shop). The photo shows the local children being given ice cream (for free, I think), when two young fellows returned from prisoner of war camp in North Korea. So I suppose it was taken mid 1950's. The two people concerned were as I recall, Bernard Smith from Prosper Lane and Bob Taylor from the Purples. They were captured when the Gloucestershire Regiment were overrun by a Chinese army group. I remember that my father went to Southampton to fetch them when they arrived by ship. Of the children in the photo I am pretty uncertain but the boy on the right at the front with a long coat on may be Raymond Baker and the boy in the centre in dark clothing might be Tony Hook, both of whom lived in Coalway at the time".

Boys at back near van (L-R): 1, 2.
All those at front (L-R): 1 Michael Cox?, 2 (partly in shadow), 3, 4 (striped tie), 5 (standing behind), 6 (blond hair looking to our right), 7, 8 (looking back - curly hair - mostly hidden), 9 looking back Billy Hook, 10 (tallest boy - mostly hidden) Norman Powell, 11 (wearing glasses) 12 (standing behind), 13 (looking to our left) 14, 15 Maurice Prout?, 16 Raymond Baker?.

Roger Matthews added: "... I was the same age as these kids and lived at Broadwell. But the only one I think I can put a name to is the lad towards the right of the second row with an ice cream in his mouth. I think he is Maurice Prout. ... On reflection these boys look rather well dressed and I doubt, no reflection on Coalway, that they are local lads. It seems they might be wearing a school uniform. Anyone recognise the tie that at least three of them are wearing?. Could it be Dixon House near Monmouth?"

Norman Powell added (August 2011): "... This picture was difinitely taken in Coalway and the P.O.W. was Bob Taylor. I am in the picture - tallest kid, blond hair and partially obscured by the boy with dark hair not facing the camera Billy Hook. I was known as Snowy The ice cream was particularly nice as it was free".

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