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Two views of Clearwell Castle

Clearwell Castle - 2 views

Two views of Clearwell Castle.

The bottom photo is a view from the late 19th century. A horse and trap is waiting at the entrance.

The top photo is an earlier view (compare the size of the trees on the lawn.) This photo has a double-exposure fault on the right hand side

Bernard added (Feb 2008): "... the top picture is, we believe, the oldest photo of Clearwell castle in existance. Let's hope that somebody can prove us wrong !. The reason I believe it to be the oldest is because it was sent to us at Clearwell many years ago by somebody in South Wales whose ancestors had been employed by the Dunravens at Dunraven Castle near Bridgend".

Ken Rise added (February 2011): "... First time for me to use the net and I come across my photograph of Clearwell with the Dowager Countess of Dunraven holding one of her grandchildren. I was the person to send it to you (Bernard) after a fleeting visit to your former home. I hold the original photograph a legacy from my wifes family".

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