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Minerva and plane model, Camp 61 Wynols Hill

Camp 61

Minerva and plane model, Camp 61 Wynols Hill

Minerva statue detailKim wrote: "I have enclosed some pictures of a statue that was presented to my mother ( Berenice Florence Powles ) by the Italian prisoners of war, hopefully you can place them on your site. I am told by my brother that the 4 engines housed lipsticks when first presented to her which are long gone now but it is a beautiful piece of engineering given the rudimentary tools that were availed to them at that time. The inscription on the base is 'Minerva revealing the glory of the worlds progress' and it is dated 1946. There is also some type of insignia in the centre of the base (left) although I have no idea what it means".

Laura Porciani wrote: "I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting you at the Festival of the Word at Coleford. I will be there on the 11th August 2010 to present my book. The title is From El Alamein to Marconi my father and the monument of the POW at the Camp 61 at Wynolls Hill. If you know any Italian ex POW or their families resident there it would be very useful to be able to contact them".

James Sharp added (December 2010): "... The 4 engine bomber in the statue is a B17 ("Flying Fortress")".
"My dad's B24 ("Liberator") bomber in WW2 was called Minerva. ... My dad was her engineer and top turret gunner. I have photos of plane and crew and some mission history including some in the M.T.O. (Mediterranean Theatre of Operations) a very famous plane too".

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