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Reg Hart

Who is this person?

Who is this person?


Wynolls Hill, at Camp N°61,

Laura wrote: "The attached pictures with dedications were given personally on the 17 February 1946 to my father Bruno Porciani, ex POW in the Wynolls Hill, at Camp N°61,  three days before his departure for repatriation in Italy"

Does anyone recognise the person?

Can anyone help Laura by providing any more information?.

Can anyone read the signature?.

BadgesCan anyone identify the badges?.


Thanks to Gill Knowles who added (Apr 2009): "I believe the photograph shows S.G.R.Hart who was an electrical engineer and contractor in Coleford. I have an old Carnival programme in which he advertised. I think his premises were where the betting shop is now situated at the bottom of Lords Hill and was named Electra House".

Thanks also to John Bunker who added (Apr 2009): "If you magnify the left hand badge it reads Air Training Corps. Have done a google search and the form matches".

Royston Pritchard added (Apr 2009): "This is Reg Hart. My recollection of him is having a electrical business where the betting shop is looking up Gloucester Road, Coleford. This where I took our accumilater to be charged before we had mains electricity".

George Smith added (October 2009): "... I lived at Hampshire Gardens Coleford between 1977 and 1993. At some time during this period, Reg Hart came to visit an old friend in our road. I got talking to him (My sister used to work for him) and he told me he was living in Worksop Notts".

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