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Broadwell Church Choir c. 1955

Broadwell Church Choir

Rear row (Row 4) from left: "Mr" Bick: Douglas Oliver: David Williams: Terry Wilce: Royston Pritchard: Ivor Young: Brian Kear: Mike Windows
Row 3: from left: Frank Hodges: Pat Corin: Joan Hawkins: Margaret Lawson: Doreen Kear: Rosemary Hale : Jane Smith: Roger Matthews/Terry Arkwell? Mike Delaney, Eleanour Hughes
Row 2: from left: Eric Nash: Gordon Coking.(row seems to end there!)
Front row (Row 1) from left: Christopher Herbert (recently retired Bishop of St Albans): Ewart Hawkins: John Davies: Lyngard Wheeler: Rev Jones: Frank Herbert (choir master): Barry Smith: Graham Brown : Michael Brodie: Tony Evans.

Mike Delaney added (March 2011): "... I dont know why my name has been crossed out but this is most certainly me Mike Delaney one from the right on the third row. I remember that only two in the choir had a different sash around our necks and one was me. I can't remember why we had a different outfit.

Terry Wilce added (July 2016): "... second from right on third row ... this is definitely Terry Arkwell .I am on the photo and know everyone on there".

Thanks also to Mike Delaney, Terry Wilce and Royston Pritchard.

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