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Broadwell Under 18s football team 1963

Broadwell Under 18s

Back row (Row 2) (L/R). 1. Gerald Thomas 2 John Crump  3.Melvin Norris, 4. Roger Lee 5. Gary Trigg? 6. Alan Walker
Front row (Row 1) (L/R). 1 Brian Rawlings, 2. Gordon Lawrence 3. Mascot - Steven Baglin, 4 Terry Osbourne 5. Terry Screen? 6. Ken Merry

Alan wrote (June 2008): "I seem to remember this being taken at Viney Hill before a Youth Cup final, I can't remember which one. I also remember playing in the County Youth cup final that year but I think we lost. If anyone can fill in the details I would appreciate the facts. It's really bugging me that I can't remember these details, that's what you get for getting on in years I suppose. I hope this photo brings back memories to some of the others and that some one can fill in the blanks. My apologies to those guys I can't remember. What I do remember is getting an illegal drink out of the cup later on back at Broadwell".

Mel Norris added (June 2008): "In that Season we won the League, the Fellows Cup, Chas Hale Cup and lost in the semi-final of the County Cup".

Cliff Street added (April 2011): "... Alan's memory has let him down on the County Cup Final. It was between Coleford and Dursley. I played in it and unfortunately we lost".

Thanks also to Carol Herschell, Jeff Hewlett, Mel Norris, Danny Milne, Dave Remnant Dave Nash and Mike "Knuckle" Burns.

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