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Broadwell School Christmas party c 1950

Broadwell School

Dave Pearce is the lad marked with an "X". Janet Kear (nee Hinton) added (Oct 2006) :"The little girl looking directly at the camera and slightly to the left of David looks very much like me when I was much younger" I was in the same class as David at Broadwell school so it could well be me" - Dave later recalled that it was in fact Janet.

Thanks also to Roger Matthews who added (Novemebr 2007): "I am fairly sure that I am the boy in the front row in front of David Pearce. The girl to (my) right - or as you view it, left, is, I think, Mary Jenkins. The boy behind me may be Eric Nash. It is certainly Janet Hinton. I think the entire boy population of the school was in love with her!."

Nicola  Barrett /English. added (July 2008): " I think that might be me second from right, the 'cardi' looks like my gran's knitting! (Gran's name Milly James/Mums Name Esme/Brother Jim)...Would like to know where Carol Smith is in the picture?"

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