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North Road Broadwell, Gloucestershire

North Road Broadwell

May added (May 2007): "Attached is a postcard of North Road, Broadwell showing the Bird in Hand. The Postmark on the back is1962 and my uncle Harold Williams was the licensee at the time"..

Thanks also to Denise Tootal for the followimg: " My father Harold Ireland, born 48 North Rd Broadwell in 1925 has named the following:
On the left Williams Clothes Shop, then a hut style building belonging to Mr Aston from Christchurch who repaired shoes, then Bill English's Grocery Shop.
On the right Bird in the Hand then Williams the decorators and Frank Cherrington's houses"

Florence and Benjamin Ireland outside 48 North Road Broadwell around 1955 (photo courtesy of Denise Tootal)

Nicola  Barrett added (July 2008): "I'm Bill and Esme English's daughter and lived at the grocery shop until I was about nine. My Auntie Mable ran a haberdashery's type shop. I think we might have been a bit further up the road just round the corner. I think there was an other clothes shop called 'Cullises'( spelt wrong Im sure) There was a chip shop up that end somewhere". 

Roger Matthews added (August 2010): "... I do'nt think there was ever a Williams Clothes Store. It was a newsagents run by Bob Williams an avid Broadwell football supporter who delivered newspapers on his sit up and beg bike. His daughter Christine married a local policeman called Pat Legge. There may have been clothing in the shop but I dont recall that".

Kim Powles added (January 2012): "... The Cullis's referred to as I remember was actually a shoe shop which if you were going towards Five Acres sat about 50 yards back from Mile End crossroads on the right. I remember being taken there when I was a child for shoes and it was the only time I have ever had my feet measured".

Lesley Licqurish added (July 2015): "... I actually lived above the Cullis shop between 1964 and 1967 in a flat as my father, Gordon Pritchard was a partner in the shop. I remember that the shop sold many other things as well as the shoes, such as ladies hosiery, men's shirts, socks etc. I used to play with the old counter display carousels and used them as fairground rides for my dolls!".

Vicki Allum added (July 2017): "... I grew up at 52 North Road from the time I was 5 until 18. I remember Cullis's well. They sold clothes as well, I remember Miss Williams shop nr Broadwell. She lived next door to me renting a room from Mrs White at 50 North Road.I have lived in Canada since 1974".

Moira Lawson added (August 2017): "... I lived at Number 42 with my parents Gordon and Eileen. We use to go to the Bird in Hand after my mum played bingo in the hall on Saturdays. My grand parents lived at 42 and my dad was born there 1923. Lawson's lived in the house until my mum died in 1997. We knew everyone in the street it was like a big family.There was the Baldwin's, Evan's, ireland's, Witts, Pflug's and Ted Gwilliam. Good Memories".

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