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Broadwell Memorial Hall

Broadwell Memorial Hall

Broadwell Memorial Hall - photo taken in August 2008.

The interior of Broadwell Memorial Hall showing the Proscenium and Pillars made by the Italian Prisoners of War. The Lyre originally had a painting of a rising sun behind it with rays emanating outwards.
Does anyone recall the painting or know of any other artefacts relating to the time spent by the P.O.W.s in the Forest?

Broadwell memorial Hall in 2015
Above: The restored stage area after the Memorial Hall Committee restored it in 2015.
The artist was Tom Cousins.

Laura Porciani added (Nov 2008): "mio padre Bruno Porciani ex POW campo 61, ha disegnato e diretto i lavori per il restauro per l'interno del Teatro e organizzava spettacoli.
Nella sua agenda scrive, 28 febbraio 1945. Prima di George and Marg. al Memoriall hall. Riuscita. Chi mi sa dire qualcosa di più? Ci ha foto o testi scitti? Grazie.  Plaura" 

Press cutting

Thanks also to Zena M.J. Mills who added (July 2009): "The land on which the Memorial Hall was built was donated by my Great Grandfather, Amos William Martin Brown.  Amos Brown lived in Wynolds Hill House untill his death in 1929".

Left: Press cutting from the Gloucester Citizen 29/3/1921

Wendy Bouthillier added (March 2017): "... I was very interested to learn of the recent exhibit of World War 1 materials at the Broadwell Memorial Hall and to see a few of the photographs on the SunGreen Website. I was born in Ross, but currently reside in the US, and so was unable to attend in person. I believe that my father, Cuthbert Ernest Harper, served in World War 1 since I discovered while doing genealogy, that he had a Military Vote during the war. In wonder if whomever mounted the exhibit would know if there are any photographs of him available in the collection? Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. Wendy Bouthillier nee Harper".

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