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Berry Hill Crossroads

Berry Hill Crossroads

Joyford is down the hill to the right, the Globe Inn is behind the photographer.
About half way down the picture on the right hand side way off in the distance is the roof of a house called 'The Maze' which was the home of Finlay Mclean and his family.
Thanks to Maurice Thomas who added the following when asked about the chapel (Aug 2006): "This is indeed Salem Free Church at which Dennis Potter attended Sunday School as I did a few years previously to him.

Unlike many chapels and churches it still functions. One of my son's friends was married there last year.

It was well attended in those days. There were annual events such as a concert at Christmas, a summer "treat" and an outing which most of the village seemed to go on. The usual destination was Malvern, then Evesham and ending at Bishops Cleeve where the highlight was the children's playground. Books were given as prizes for good attendance, I still have some of mine.
The crossroads you probably recognise as by the Globe pub. The house on the crossroads was occupied by Harry Adams and family and the newer house between it and the chapel was built when his daughter Lilian married Pete Jones. In later years Berry Hill Band built their "bandroom" on the ground owned by the chapel on the crossroads side"

Andrea Riley (nee Hawkins) added (Oct 2008): "The house on the corner was lived in by my uncles Les, Harold and Ted Hawkins with his wife Ethel. My parents Maurice and Nesta Hawkins bought the house between it and Salem Chapel in the early 1970's when Lil Adams (a cousin) passed away it is still in the family. Built opposite, obviously later than this photo was taken was Hawkins Stores owned by my great Uncle Sidney Hawkins (who was also a magistrate) was a grocery/general/butchers store and on the corner was a men's outfitters and shoe shop managed by Bert, Sid's son. My Grandfather Albert Hawkins had a pit behind the House of Bread at Christchurch, my great grandparents had a bakery near the junction of The Lonk and Joyford Hill (opposite the Tump) and my father Maurice had Hawkins Printers at 32 Park Road".

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