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Berry Hill, The Lonk

Berry Hill The Lonk (38k)

The old postcard from which this picture was taken was actually entitled "Top of The Lonk". The Picture is looking down what is now Park road from Christchurch towards the Globe with Nine wells top left. The Lonk would start midway down on the left.

Thanks to David Mulford for comments on this photo.

Below is a poem written by Harry Cullis. Harry was born 'Down the Lonk', on December 5th 1918. He now lives in Canada.

The Land that made me me.
There was a land that ruled the waves, twas surrounded by the sea,
Where first alone, we fought the foe, and Churchill kept us free;
That was the land the precious land, the land that made me Me.
Betwixt the Severn and the Wye, that was my favoured lot
That is where the forest grows and my family was begot.
This Forest of Dean must be seen, high beeches to the sky
And there grows the oak of which Nelson spoke, that built the Victory
Ah there’s the land the bounteous land, the land that made me Me.
(reproduced by kind permission of Harry Cullis)

Harry recalled (Sept 2007): "The Ninewells is top left as David Mumford said, my Aunt Kate lived there, her maiden name was Adams; there were lots of Adamses in Berry Hill, my mother’s mother was an Adams she lived down the Lonk. The forest, top-centre-right, stretched back through Five-Acres to Mile-End where I lived as a boy, we called it the Aine. The Aine was mostly oak with young beech along its edges. We used to climb those beech trees and swing from tree to tree like Tarzan. Great fun".

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