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Berry Hill Parish Magazine - December 1937

image: Christ Church Berry Hill Parish Magazine 1931


Editor : Dr. Wyndham Jones, Vicar,

Thought for the Month-
Labitur et labetur in omne volubilis aevuin-
The Stream flows, and will go on flowing for ever.
Tempus fugit - Time flies.

The following Baptisms, Weddings and Burials were taken by Dr. Jones (Vicar) :-


Nov. 7.- Iris Ann Brain


Sept. 18.- Douglas Samuel Lock and Gwendoline Miriam Cooper.
Sept. 20.- James Shirley and Kathleen Mary Warburton.


Oct. 5.- Emily Jane Gwilliam, aged 44 years.
Nov. 7.- Lawrence Ayrton, aged 68 years.
Nov. 7.- William Prosser, aged 94 years.

Confirmation.- The following Candidates were presented by Dr. Jones, Vicar of Christ Church, Forest of Dean, and were confirmed by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese in Gloucester Cathedral on Thursday, October 14th:- Linda Doreen Powell, (?) Myrtle Clara Mason. The Candidates were present with devotional books.

Gift. Dated Trinity, 1937.- We very much appreciate the gift in the way of an organ hymn book for use at the organ from the Vicar's Warden, Mr. Tom Worgan. Thank you!

Sale of Work.- At the P.C. Council, held on Wednesday, November 10th in Christ Church Schools, the members expressed their gratitude to Mrs. Wyndham Jones, the organiser, for the amount of work already accomplished, and also to those who are assisting her in this effort, and the Council only too gladly officially sanctioned the Sale of Work to take place on November 25th. The proceeds are in aid of Church expenses and D.B.F. Quota. The Council also sanctioned the purchase of a ladder, to enable the caretaker, when occasion arises, to keep the rain trough clear on the Parish Church.

Magazines.- To the Distributors and Readers of the Magazine: We are now approaching the end of another year, and we ask our distributors to be kind enough to remind our readers that all remaining payments for the Magazine are to be paid over to Mrs. Wyndham Jones, Treasurer. New applications for the Magazine for 1938 to be made to the following distributors: Mrs. John Tomlins, Mrs. John Sollars, Mrs. Tom Williams, Mr. Sidney Potter, Mr. Ivor Shufflebottom. The beautiful "Home Words" Kalendar for 1938 localized for Christ Church, may be obtained from Mrs. John Tomlins and Mrs. Frank Sollars 2d. each.

Teachers' Meeting, Sunday afternoon, Nov. 14th. Present: Dr. Jones (chairman), Capt. H. Nicholas (treasurer), Mr. Hubert Jones, Mrs. Gladys Nash (superintendent), Mrs. Philip Jones, Mrs. Tilly Powell, Miss Betty Ambury (pianist). It was decided to arrange the Sunday School Prize Distribution and Christmas Treat the week following Christmas Day, date to be announced later.

Christmas Day Services, Saturday, December 25th.- Holy Communion, 8 and 11 a.m. We wish all our parishioners the compliments of the season and Christmas greetings, and a very happy and blessed Christmas. May it be possible for all Communicants to commemorate our Lord's Birthday at the Sacrament on the happy morning. December 26th, Sunday after Christmas,- Evensong will include Carol singing.

Watch Night Service, 11.30 in the Parish Church, as usual.

It was decided at the P.C.C. meeting to forego the social preceding the Watch Night Service, owing to the fact of New Year's Eve falling on a Friday - People's shopping day. Nevertheless we hope that after the shopping more than usual will attend the Watch Night Service, commencing 11.30 p.m.

Armisticetide. - The holy Communion was administered on Thursday, November 11th, the Celebrant being the Incumbent. Two minutes' silence was observed, and on the following Sunday, at Evensong, a special Remembrance Service was arranged by the Vicar. There was a large congregation. The Choir sang "The Supreme Sacrifice". Mr. Tom Morgan, the organist, after the sermon, played "Rock of Ages", from the Bristol Tune Book, and the congregational singing of it brought an inspiration over the whole assembly. It was indeed "good to be there". Such a service, we believe will bear much fruit to the worshippers of Christ Church, Forest of Dean. Dr. Jones said during his sermon - that drearier statements on Armistice could not be conceived. Yet is the situation quite so hopeless after all? May not the very blackness of the night presage the dawn? While Mars seems more arrogant than ever, his blustering may be a symptom of his decline. War clouds hang menacingly over our assembly in this Parish Church, over every Cenotaph and Cross this Armisticetide, but let us not lose heart. There are rifts in the clouds. Sooner perhaps than many think the sun of peace may break through and assure us that our brave one did not die in vain.

It was particularly encouraging to hear from our faithful London friends, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Grout, and to receive gifts of articles for our Sale of Work. Space will not allow more, but will refer to it in the January Magazine.

(kindly transcribed by Iris Beard)

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