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The Blistors, Bream, 1919 and 1976


Top photo: Wedding of William Edward Ernest "Eddie" Pritchard and Annie House Jones, 6 October, 1919

Roger wrote (June 2007): "Pictured at the front of Blistors Farm, Bream, home of the bride.
From left to right are John Frederick Pritchard, groom's father; No. 1 unknown lady; Mrs. Arthur Fryer; Arthur Fryer, Best Man & groom's pre-war business partner); Grace Edith Pritchard, groom's younger sister; Ida Mary Pritchard, groom's youngest sister; Mary Emily Pritchard (nee Thomas), groom's mother; No. 2 unknown lady; No. 1 unknown man; No. 2 unknown man; No. 3 unknown woman; No. 4 unknown woman; Annie Beatrice Jones (maiden name unknown), bride's step-mother; Robert Vernon Jones, bride's father. The three girls are the Fryer's daughters, the smallest being Nesta. Lying in front of the bride & groom, is Leo, the bride's dog.

Thus far I've not been able to identify the unknowns, who appear to be of similar ages to the bridal couple. They could simply be friends, or cousins and their spouses of the groom, as the Pritchards were a very large Lydney family. John Frederick was born in 1860, his oldest brother in 1851 and his youngest in 1875. Any cousins would have a correspondingly wide range of ages!!! However, they could be from the Jones' side. The unknown No. 1 lady, being next to JFP, might suggest it was his aged mother. The Lydney, St. Mary's church memorial inscriptions do not include an Elizabeth Adelaide Pritchard. In 1919, she would then have been 87 yrs old, so it's not impossible.

The colour photo was taken in 1976, placing my wife, Gaynor, where my grandmother was sitting 57 years previously, with our Labrador, Winston, in front. By then Blistors' farmhouse was effectively derelict and home to chickens".

Roger further added (Oct 2009): "... recently we held the first of the season's meeting of Cheltenham R.A.F.A. Aviation History Group. The talk given had some Bristol aircraft in it and I chanced to get into conversation with a member who'd joined the previous season.  I was recalling seeing Bristol 173 helicopter in 1953, from the garden of Rosemont, 44, High St., Lydney. It transpired he'd seen the Brabazon too - as he lived in the Lydney area. I explained my connection and past links - grandmother living with her father, Vernon Jones, at The Blistors, Bream. His next comment was staggering: he'd been born at The Blistors, more exactly the buildings converted to housing, at right angles to what he called the Big House. (Blistors Wedding 1919). He also told me Vernon Jones was the butcher in Bream, something the family had never told me!

Peter Essex added (October 2014): "... Can anybody shed light on the relationship between the Nesta Fryer shown in this photo and the "Miss Fryer" who retired in 1955 as a teacher at Viney Hill primary school?".

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