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Whitecroft and Yorkley from Ranters Green, Bream

Image: Whitecroft and Yorkley from Ranters Green, Bream (84k)

This photo has been in Colin's family since 1914. Most of the foreground has been built upon and is now occupied by Hillside (former) council houses and Hillside Bungalows (formerly the Pre-Fabs). The row of white cottages just visible, centre left, behind the dark trees, is The Row at Whitecroft, with Yorkley on the hillside beyond. The Row was, and still is, along the side of the railway line. To the right of The Row, but further away from the photographer, Whitecroft Chapel can be seen. Extending a line across the front of The Row to the right is the course of the railway line.
The tall chimney to the right, near the railway line, was part of the 'Whitecroft Patent Fuel Works'. In 1910 the works was taken over by the Whitecroft Pin Manufacturing Company, set up by Maurice and Stanley Jarrett. Later it became part of 'United Transport Company Ltd.' and later still 'Whitecroft Scovill'.(1)
Ranters Green itself was named after the Primitive Methodist Chapel, now The Eaves Centre of St James Church. The chapel goers were referred to by some Foresters as 'The Ranters'.
(1) Severn and Wye Railway, Volume 1, Pope, Howe, Karau, Wild Swan 1983.

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