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Pitcher family of Bream

William and Nellie Pitcher

Left photo
It was taken in the garden of Roseville, Woodside, Bream. On the back is written 'Jubilee1935'. The people in the photo are:
Back: Molly Edmunds (nee Pitcher), Fraser Pitcher.
Front : Nellie Pitcher, William Pitcher (parents of Molly and Fraser)
The family has a certificate detailing William Pitcher's long service in the local coal mines:
"Born on July 9th 1883 William Pitcher commenced work as a filler at the Norchard Colliery at 14 years of age. After a few years he went to work at the Flourmill Colliery followed by Yorkley Pit and then finally the Princess Royal when the new shaft was sunk in the Highdelf seam. Having worked for 50 years underground he has now moved to the surface". (Dated July 8th 1950)

Top right photo:
Edith Coombs (later to become wife of Coey Pitcher), Joy Miles, Jean ?. at Bream Court Farm in the late 1940's.

Bottom right photo:
Left:- Roger Turley (Coey's son in law)
Middle :- David Pitcher holding Simon Turley (Coey's son and grandson)
Right:- Colston "Coey" Pitcher.
The photo was taken at Woodside, Bream. Coey's brother and sister Molley and Fraser are in the top photo.

Sharon wrote (Aug 2007): "Colston 'Coey' Pitcher at Woodside Bream about 1970, where he kept his saw bench and timber as many people will remember. Friday was block day and sack bags of blocks were filled and delivered to many houses in Bream and surrounding areas. He cut cogs (timbers used in the mines) which he supplied to a lot of the local pits and also stakes for fencing which he delivered as far afield as Monmouth and Abergavenny through his contact from the livestock markets. He was also a sheep badger and ran sheep on the forest from the age of 14, he always said he had probably forgot more about sheep than some of these know today. He will also be remembered about the village on his tractor which he had from 1955 and was a treasured possession, many children in Bream would have had a ride in the box of this, as he would always say hop in and I'll give you a ride which to the kids was a great thrill. The tractor is still in use today. This was my Dad 1925-2007 and he was a very hard working and well respected character of Bream".

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