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Bream C of E School - Mr Weager's Class

Mr Weager's Class

Bream C of E School - Mr Weager's Class c 1965/1966.

Row 3: (Back): 1 (partly hidden) , 2 (partly hidden) , 3 Terence Morse, 4 Martin Waugh, 5 Graham Rees, 6 (partly hidden) David Powell, 7 John Worgan, 8 Michael Davies, 9 Richard Adams.
Row 2: (Middle ): 1 Derek Liddington, 2 Ann Downham, 3 Ann Smith, 4 Joy Large, 5 Pamela Kear (face half hidden) , 6 Carole Powell, 7 Joanne Preece, 8 (mostly hidden) 9 Susan Powell.
Row 1 (Front): 1) David Jeffries, 2 Malcolm Seabourne, 3) Julie Toogood, 4) Janet Edwards, 5) David Cackett, 6) David Trillo, 7) Phillip Edey, 8) Allan Nyland 9) Kevin Wintle

Thanks also to David Powell, David Cackett, John Worgan and Ann Smith who remembers having a great friend in Pamela Kear.

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