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Miss Joyce Parry

Bream Land Girls

Left to right: Jean ?, May Edmunds, Joyce Parry, Joy Wildin, Jennifer Tye, Edie Pitcher.

This photo, taken at Bream Court Farm, is published here as a tribute to Miss Joyce Parry who died in April 2006. Miss Parry was originally from Wales and arrived in Bream in the 1940's after training as a teacher. She remained as a teacher in Bream until Bream Secondary Modern School closed in 1973. She taught many generations of children in Bream. I believe she then taught at Whitecross, Lydney. Miss Parry, as she was known to all in Bream, also took part in many Bream activities including the annual Pantomimes at Parkend Road Chapel. - Geoff Davis, April 2006.

Wayne Ryan added (April 2008): "Miss Joyce Parry did teach Cooking at Whitecross School during its early period 1974-76. I think she filled in for absent teachers as well.  I lived in Bream from October 1971 to 1982. Shame to see that she has passed away".  

Thanks also to Karen Kinnish who added (Oct 2008): "Miss Joyce Parry, also taught me cooking at Whitecross School Lydney. I left in 1983, and she was still there then".

Jane Elson added (December 2018): "... Miss Parry was still teaching at Whitecross in the mid 1980s when I was there. She taught us cookery and music. Got to know her better when my sister moved to Bream in the early 1990s - lovely lady".

Alan Macleod added (March 2021): "... Miss Parry taught me Home Economics at Whitecross School in Lydney in the 1970s".

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