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Men and Arms for Bream in 1608

Men and Arms

Wherof [Blank]
John Rowles Tyler. 3. py.
Edward Tyler laborer. 2 ca.
Thomas Dowinge yeoman tr. hath a Corslet fur'.
David Jones his servant 1. ca.
George Phomer mynor. 2. m.
Will'm Addams naylor. 2. m.
Edward Cooke laborer.
Richard Hathway laborer. 2 py.
John Browne laborer. 2. py.
John Horne Jun'. laborer 2. ca.
John Maninge Jun'. mason
Robert Rowles gent.
Thomas Leminge gent.
John Waters laborer. 2. py.
Richard Keare mynor. 2. p.
John Mathewe Smith. 2. py.
Robert Haynes Carpenter.
Lewis Morgan laborer.
Phillip Watkins milner. 2. py.

Inhabytants chardged with the finding of Armour not before mentioned.

George Plomer aforesaid and Xpofer Mathewe have betwene them one Corslet fur'.

ca. = lower stature
m = middle stature
p = tallest stature
py = meanest stature
tr = trained soldier
1 = age about 20
2 = age about 40
3 = age between about 50 and 60.
(From : Men and Armour - Smith or Smyth - 1608 - survey of men fit for service in war)

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