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Bream Pig Farm

Bream Pig Farm

This photo was taken for an article in "Pig Farming", based in Ipswich - who own the copyright. Any requests for copies or use of this image should be directed to them.
The date was bewteen 1963 and 1968.

Back, left to right: Gordon Parry,Arnold Isles, Brian poole, Paul Johnson, Geoffrey Johnson (owner), Russell Edwards.
Front, left to right: Norman Vaughan, Joe Clements, Gordon Green, John Lambert.

Bream Pig FarmBream Pig Farm
Left to right: Joe Clements, Gordon Perry, Brian Poole, (French visitor), Russell edwards, Cyril Prince, Arnold Isles.

John recalled that there were 2,100 pigs on the farm and that the innovative methods used at Bream were reported in "Pig Farming" magazine. As with the chicken farm that operates from the site today, smell was a problem at times. The method devised to allevaiate the problem in the days of the pig farm was a scent spraying system connected to a wind vane.

A lady from Lydney came up to the farm to translate for the French visitor.

Kevin Walker added (July 2011): "... I worked with most of these guys at Bream Lydney and Bridstow too. As a student from 1964 I think in holidays from Harper Adams I worked full time for 7 years after college with these guys who were so good to me. Geoffrey Johnson was the boss and I enjoyed every minute sparring with him and listening to music at lunchtimes. I have very fond memories of Arnold and Cyril at Bream as well as many others. Fred at Lydney comes to mind as well. Went back for the 1st time 2 months ago. Pigs have been my career ever since.Thanks to you all getting me hooked".

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