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Blakeney women at an emergency feeding demonstration at Berkeley Castle

Blakeney WVS ?

Emergency Feeding Demonstration at Berkeley Castle Glos.
Possible part of a Civil Defence exercise.
Picture shows spectators enjoying the emergency meal cooked by a Gloucestershire team in their T.K.U. (background) and served from a van by the food flying squad.
17th October 1957.
Gerry wrote: "The above paragraph was written on a piece of paper attached to the photograph ... No 1 is my grandmother Sarah Agnes Martin (Turley). She lived in New Road, Blakeney. It is possible that there are others (in the photo) from Blakeney"

1 Sarah Agnes Martin (Turley), 2 Gladys (Minnie) Morse, Blakeney (sister of Agnes Martin No. 1), 3 Mrs Dean (lived off New Road, Blakeney), 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

Thanks also to Sandie Young.

legend to the photoPeter Essex added: "... The Lydney Rural District Council Civil Defence Corps register for 1951 to 1959 is indexed ... being held at Gloucestershire Archives. If the pictured event was in 1957 and was part of a civil defence initiative, the register might stimulate putting more names to faces. I've got a reader's ticket but not sure when I can next get to the archives in Alvin Street, Gloucester. You can get a day reader's ticket for a fiver".

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