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The Red Hart Inn at Awre, near Blakeney, Gloucestershire.

Red Hart, Awre

Above: A photo showing some of the interior features of the Red Hart Inn at Awre in the Forest of Dean.

A photo of the Red Hart Inn at Awre taken in 2016.

Above: A photo by Steve Cooper (from 2016) of the former Red Hart Inn at Awre.

The Red Hart featured a (glass topped) well in the bar. This comment by Roger Davey is taken from Facebook ( November 2016): "Our dive club many years ago investigated the well in the Bar the customers had some sort of surprise to find a group of muddy rubber clad divers in the middle of the Pub when coming in for a peaceful pint".

A site visitor added (November 2016): "... We used to manage the Red Hart in 1982 for Tony and John. I saw a ghost one Sunday evening when I was setting up to open. Would love to hear from the old crowd. We opened on Christmas Evening. Best session ever. As always the greatest real ale selection. How Sue managed to keep all of that in the cellar, I will never know. The food was'nt too bad either".

The wall sign on the Red Hart Inn at Awre, Gloucestershire.

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