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Bells Grammar School pupils 1951 - part 2

Festival of Britain

A Bells Grammar School trip to the Festival of Britain

Driver at rear.
Back.1. Mr Leaning, Headmaster 2. Miss Molly Butterworth, Art, 3. Miss Evans, French, 4. Mrs Leaning. 5. Gwyn Turner, 6 David Simmonds?, 7 John Harvey, 8 John Sterrett, 9 Monica Biggins, 10 Gillian Parry, 11 Pam Edmunds, 12 Ann Ricketts, 13 John Ricketts, 14 Jim Pritchard, 15, 16, 17 Mary Burbrough 18 Christabel Arnold 19 Glen Williams 20, 21 Janet Leaning.
Front 1. John Nash, 2. John Leaning, 3? 4. Peter Hunt. 5. hidden 6 first girl sitting on suitcase - Janet Aston, 7?, 8. Ian Thomas, 9. Ann Simmonds, 10. Valerie Jenkins, 11. Elizabeth Jones.

John Ricketts added (July 2010): "... We also visited Kew Gardens and the big West End stores. Good to note that Bells in the Forest was undertaking residential educational visits 4 decades before they were introduced into the National Curriculum!".

Jim Matthews added (March 2013): "... the bus driver was my father Aurther Matthews known as 'Tich'".

Adrian Miles added (July 2016): "... Anthony Miles (Tony) is the 17th Person on the back row (from left to right). He passed away June 2016".

Thanks also to Mary Burbridge nee Burbrough, John Ricketts, Gill Knowles and Clive Malsom.

The photo was taken outside the White Hart, Coleford by photographer Gerald Smith.

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