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Bell's Grammar School Prize Winners 1952

Bells 1956

Row 3. (all boys standing at back) 1. Christopher Selwood. 2 Nigel Smith. 3. David Sinclair Thomas. 4. Gordon Merry. 5. John Lewis. 6.Gwyn Turner. 7. John Harvey 8 David Williams, 9 T. Richards, 10 Royston Powell
Row 2. (girls sitting on chairs) 1. Sandra Evans 2 Muriel Phipps 3 Cynthia Penn, 4 Janet Leaning 5 Glenys Williams 6 Marguerite Shirle, 7 Ann Simmonds 8 Elizabeth Jones.
Row 1. (sitting on ground) 1. Gillian Parry 2 Pamela Horner 3 Marion Wright. 4 Ann Hamblin 5 Daphne Hawkins 6 Trevor Baker 7 John Leaning.

Report of the Speech Day:

An image of the Speech Day report for Bells Grammar School in 1952.

Thanks also to John Ricketts and Gill Knowles who added "... I think it was taken in the early part of the fifties".

John Ricketts added: "... The ... photo is of the high achievers and was probably taken late in September on Speech Day".

Carol Haenel added (Sept 2014): "... I wonder if the Glenys Williams pictured is the one I have been looking for? My name is Carol Haenel and I'm looking for ..., Glenys/Glenis Williams who was born on ..1944, so she would just have turned 70!".
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