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Bombardier W Hunt of Aylburton

Aylburton soldier

Jeanny wrote: "... Perhaps you can help me out. I'm searching for Bombardier W. Hunt, serv. no. 753244 51 Heavy Batt. R.A. 4th Heavy Regt. BLA who lived in 31 High Street, Aylburton, Lydney, Gloucestershire and was Married to Mrs. L. Hunt*. I'm no relative but I work as a freelance researcher in Limburg Holland. We are very interested in what became of him".

*this could have been a relative e.g. his mother

The story behind this request is: a guest visited the Volunteer centre at the town of Stein with the above 2 pieces of linen that he had found in a loft in a house in Sittard and asked Jeanny to find out what she could about them.

Jeff Jones added: "... I'm keen on military family history. Some internet research shows B.L.A. British Liberation Army which burst out of the Normandy beachhead in September 1944 - both sides suffering total of 7000 casualties everyday. 51st Heavy Regiment used 7.2 calibre guns firing a 200lb shell up to 10miles. They fought all thro since the September battles for Boulogne Calais then on into Holland. By 21st December they were at Sittard on the Holland/Germany border firing towards Cologne just 50 miles due East. This is from "THE HISTORY OF 9 ARMY GROUP ROYAL ARTILLERY" which Jeanny may find usefull.
I see there were and still are several Hunt families in the Aylburton area maybe the Lydney newspapers can help? . I've checked the online BDM Records but sadly no obvious names spring out -there were a few William Hunts in the area for example, it was a common name. I hope this is of interest and that your Hunt bears fruit"

Pete Clark added (November 2014): "... Two sources have now confirmed that the Hunt family were evacuated from Birmingham and were placed with the Jones family from Aylburton".

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