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Sgt. William John Roppelt

Sgt William Ropelt

Clanna US Army Camp

Terry wrote: "... this is Sgt. William John Roppelt. He served with the 38th Engineer CS Regiment (construction) and is pictured in 1944 at the American camp at Clanna with his bride-to-be Miss Betty Vickery. They married in England 1945, then moved to Baltimore, U.S.A."

Suzanne (surname suplied) added (March 2011): "... I am Wilbur and Bette's daughter from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.. My Mum passed away in 1992 and my Dad in 2000. I came to England in 1996 with my Mum's birth certificate and their marriage license and by knocking on doors found my Mum's sister. I was able to meet all of my family and have been back many times. They have been to the U.S. to stay with me. This is wonderful to see this photo on this site".

John B. Roppelt added (October 2014): "... Just wish to clarify the photo of my parents, Wilbur and Bette Roppelt. They indeed were married in England and after the war they settled in Detroit, Michigan where I was born in 1947. Then they moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lived there briefly before moving to Baltimore, Maryland at which time my sister was born in 1952. They Lived in Maryland the remainder of there lives".

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