Redbrook Tinplate Workers before 1917

Redbrook tinplate workers c 1920

Courtesy of: Phil Hudson. Uploaded: April 2008.

Redbrook Tinplate Workers before 1917

L-R: 1 ?, 2 ?, 3 ?, 4 James Morgan, 5 Arthur Hudson, 6 ?, 7 ? Williams, 8 Noah Hudson, 9 Tommy Greenwood, 10 ? Wilkins.

Phil wrote: "Noah Hudson was a particularly interesting character. Apart from working in the tinworks the census returns and trade journals of the time record him as a Stonecutter in Penalt. Various members of the Hudson family quarried the hard stone to form Millstones. Noah may well have been one of the last people to make a living out of this trade in Penalt. Noah's grandson Ron Hudson still lives in Penalt. Another fact revealed by the census returns is that he was all or partly deaf from a young age".

Phil is able to date the photo as prior to May 1917 as that is when Arthur Hudson died.

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